Easy Boat Booking was developed to provide our clients with a simple way to book a boat online, wherever they may be in the world. In 2009, we started with just a few local boats on the French Riviera and today we have over 600 boats and more than 30 partners worldwide.

Our service has been the main reason for the success of Easy Boat Booking. To book a boat, a client just needs to simply call or send us an email with information such as location, number of passengers, boat type, and duration of the rental and we will take care of everything from there. If there are boats that match your needs, we will quickly provide you with different proposals.

Easy Boat Booking first began because we had a passion for boats and the open sea. We believe that everyone needs to live the thrilling experience of riding a boat, whether it is in a sailboat, motorboat, or a yacht, departing from Monaco, Dubai,Saint Tropez, or Thailand. Our friendly and experienced staff make it their top priority to make sure that your experience with Easy Boat Booking will be unforgettable.

Easy Beach Booking is an online platform to book sun beds and umbrellas on the most divine private beaches in the South of France from Cannes to Saint Tropez. As the leading website for private beach booking on the French Riviera, our clients from around the world return year after year to use our service.

To book a sun bed and umbrella, you just need to search for the beach that best fits your needs and then send an email or give us phone call with important information such as dates, number of beds, and locations and the rest will be taken care of by our friendly staff.

Easy Beach Booking provides our clients with an easy to use platform for all the private beaches available, but it also provides an important service for big events such as the Cannes Film Festival, congresses and weddings. We dedicate our time and effort to the satisfaction of our clients and an experience they will never forget while visiting the most beautiful region in the world.

As the newest member of the group, Easy Bed Booking has been developed to provide our clients with an easy to use hotel booking website and access to thousands of hotels around the world in the most prestigious locations.

To book a bed, you need to just specify your desired location, dates, and length of stay and Easy Bed Booking will provide you with a list of the best hotels to choose from. Then, with just a few more clicks, you will be booked and ready to go to the hotel of your dreams.

Easy Bed Booking is a trusted source of the top hotels around the world dedicated to the satifaction of our clients. Our aim at Easy Bed Booking is to simplify the complicated hotel booking and time consuming vacation planning process of our

Easy Berth Booking was created to allow clients to easily search available berths for sale or for rent in ports around the world. We strongly believe that our passion for boats should not stop at boat rentals but should extend beyond to satisfy all the needs of our clients.

Easy Berth Booking adds a new dynamic to our Easy Booking Group because our clients, whether a boat owner or a casual renter, can now dock their boat wherever they go. Our service is ideal for those on vacation who are planning to cruise from city to city with their family and friends. Additionally, Easy Berth Booking is a fantastic way to purchase berths if you are a boat owner or even if you are just looking to make an investment. We also specialize in high profile events such as theMonaco Grand Prix and the Cannes Film Festival.

Easy Berth Booking has successfully satisfied a missing component in the online boat industry by providing our clients with a service that was otherwise nonexistent. Our reputation for professional customer service made famous by Easy Boat Booking will certainly make your experience with Easy Berth Booking just as pleasant.

Easy Car Booking was created to provide our clients with a simple way to access a variety of cars to rent online, from luxury to family. Whether you are travelling to the French Riviera for vacation or for a business meeting, Easy Car Booking will allow you to book a car quickly and easily.

To book a car with us, a client just needs to send us an email or give us a phone call with information such as location, type of car, and length of the car rental and we will take care of everything from there and email you a confirmation of your reservation.

Unlike the big car rental companies, we establish our presence as the leading local car rental providers on the French Riviera. We work with partners whom are passionate about cars and the region and will dedicate their time to satisfying your needs. Easy Car Booking will simplify the process of renting a car for you.

Easy Dive Booking allows our clients to search diving centers online in their desired location. Easy Dive Booking was created to provide our clients with a simple booking service to discover the extraordinary depths of the ocean. In early 2013, we had only local diving centers in the South of France but today we have partnerships in all four corners of the world including some of the most popular destinations such as Thailand and Australia.

Once you discover a diving center you like, simply call us or email us and we will take care of everything. Our diving centers accept all levels from beginners to experts and will provide you with all of the necessary equipment and professional supervision.

We created Easy Dive Booking because we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to discover the natural beauty of our planet Earth and our service will now simplify your search for this memorable experience.